Are you considering buying and selling a home at the same time?

Are you considering buying and selling a home at the same time? Can you really time buying and selling a house closing same day? Moving all your stuff from one place to the new place? moving out and in on the same day. Where to live between selling and buying ? Here are some tips to help you on simultaneous sale and purchase, know the cost of selling a house and buying another. Know what to do when selling your home but still living in it. We understand the stress of selling and buying a house especially if you are moving out and in on the same day.

Can you really time it to sell and buy at the same time and close on the same day? Moving all your stuff from one place to the new place? Yes you can, but it takes a little bit of planning. The first thing you have to think about is shopping for your new home. Right now we're in a hot seller's market, so the typical seller is not going to accept a contingency offer for you to sell your current home unless you already have it on the market and you already have a purchase contract in place. But how do you do that? Well the best thing to do is go ahead and put your home on the market and start shopping on the same day, but your shopping is only online until you get past that ten-day inspection period on any offer that you receive on your home. The reason for that is that during that 10-day inspection period, you really don't have a solid contract. That buyer can back out for pretty much any reason. So you view the properties online. When you find something you really like, drive those neighborhoods, narrow down the neighborhoods that you want to live in. So once you're past that ten-day inspection period you're ready to go view those properties. You'll be alerted immediately when they come on the market and be able to move quickly, which is really important in the seller's market. Because the homes move quickly. Now let's think about the typical closing period. It's about 30 days, so that means if you wait and until after that 10 day inspection period, you only have a few days to shop for a home. Find the home that you really like make an offer and close. That's gonna be tough, so what's the solution? Well when you receive an offer on your home, ask for an extended closing period of 60 days. That will leave you days to shop for that home make an offer and close and now we're talking about real possibilities. But what if it just doesn't work? What happens if you just couldn't find that perfect home in time? What's the best option? The best option is for you to move all your stuff into a POD. A pod is a great big box, like a moving truck, they bring a storage company or moving company brings it out to your home. You pack it up just like you would a moving truck. They put it into storage for you and keep it until you're ready to move into your new home. When you find your new home and you close they'll bring that pod out to your new home and you'll unpack it just like you did a moving truck. So you don't have to pack it, unpack twice during that short stay in between. You can stay with family friends an extended stay hotel or an Air B&B. It could be a really fun adventure for you and your family. But what happens if you just don't want that inconvenience? There are other options such as i-buyers, i buyers like Zillow or Open Door or Loft or even myself. In fact I'll offer you a little bit more than Zillow and all those others will offer you. But the one problem is that you're gonna be leaving a lot of money behind. It could be tens of thousands of dollars. So that means tens of thousands of dollars that you're not going to be bringing from your current home to your new home. Which could take a couple years to make up on building that equity. Sometimes that's just important. Only you can decide which is more important for you and your family. The convenience or the money to bring with to your new home? If you have any questions about this I'd love to help you please give me a call 480-226-1925 - Diana Benson with ex Realty, Your AZ Real Estate Connection.

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