Housing Market Update April 2020

Hi, I’m Diana Benson here with your market update for April 2020. Let’s see what’s happening. Right now there are about 18,000 listings. This is up by a couple thousand from last month. Last year at this time there were 23,000 listings. So we’re still quite a bit lower than we were about a year ago.

Currently, there are 5900 pending sales. That’s down by a couple thousand. So far there were 8500 sales for the month. This is an increase from a month ago. But this reflects the activity from a prior month that actually just closed this month. So far there’s been 101,000 sales for the year. This is quite a bit higher than last year at this time with only 93,000 sales and there’s a two-month supply. You can see that two months of supply has been pretty steady over the last year. Six months is a typical inventory for a normal market. So that means we’re still in a seller’s market.

Can I buy a House During The Coronavirus Crisis?

Can I buy a house? Can I sell a house right now? A lot of people have
a lot of questions right now and the answer is yes. Hi I’m Diana Benson with eXP Realty. A virtual broker. That means we were built for this. Which means we don’t have a learning curve. We’re already experts at this. So how does that process work? Let’s talk about

safest cities in Arizona

What Are The Safest Cities in Arizona?

What are the safest cities in Arizona 2019? So let’s talk about the safest neighborhoods in Arizona. Where are these cities located? The four cities that top the list are Oro Valley, Buckeye, Florence, and Gilbert. Our first safest town, Oro Valley. Oro Valley is a suburb of Tucson that was incorporated in 1974. It is located

Arizona Census 2020

The census 2020 is right around the corner and it means so much to Arizona. Did you know that for each person counted on the census, we get federal dollars of $3,000 per person? That’s 20.5 billion dollars annually. 20.5 billion dollars That goes to our infrastructure, our transit systems, medical care for those in

How Is The Arizona Real Estate Market?

Arizona is ranked as 3rd in growth in 2018-2019 with over 120,000 new residents. More than double the new residents in California. States like New York and Illinois are losing residents each year. Arizona is just behind Florida and Texas, states that has no income tax.  Over half million people have moved to Arizona since

Home Buyer Checklist

Home Buyer Checklist Are you a first time home buyer wondering where to start? At times think home buyers just want a checklist of that exact process and that’s what we’re gonna talk about today. The first thing on that check list is to get pre-qualified. So important. You don’t want to go and fall

Is Home Ownership Still Affordable?

Is Home Ownership Still Affordable? It seems you can’t find a headline with the term “housing affordability” without the word “crisis” attached to it. That’s because some only consider the fact that residential real estate prices have continued to appreciate. So, is Home Ownership still part of the American Dream? I can see why people