Home Buyer Checklist

Home Buyer Checklist

Are you a first time home buyer wondering where to start? At times think home buyers just want a checklist of that exact process and that's what we're gonna talk about today.

The first thing on that check list is to get pre-qualified. So important. You don't want to go and fall in love with a house and then find out you can't afford it.

The second step is sit down and have a consultation with an agent. So many times an agent will just send out a search of properties and they really didn't sit down and find out all the details that were important to that home buyer and just waste everybody's time in energy and gets everybody a little frustrated. So go ahead and have that consultation.

During that consultation they'll also be able to explain the whole process to you. How long everything should take, what everybody's roles are, what to expect from the seller, what to expect from both agents, the escrow company, the home inspector, the appraiser and what are your options in each of these situations. If you follow this step-by-step process you're gonna be able to find that house so much faster.

There are so many things that you might not even think about that the agent can ask you and change the parameters of your search accordingly. Also during that consultation if you feel really comfortable with that agent and you decide to be their client you can feel very comfortable that they're bound by law to do everything in your best interest because they are your advocate. They'll also be able to share confidential information with you that will help you in that negotiation process when you find that right home. You're gonna be able to get through those homes that you like, get to the homes you love, get through those homes you love and find that perfect home before anybody else does. Because that's our job to find that perfect home for you before everybody else does. Because guess what? It's everybody else's favorite home too!

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