Should I sell My House Now or Wait?

Should I sell my house now or wait?
I get that question all the time. The best time to sell is when the demand is really high and when the supply is low. And that is the exact situation that we are in right now. In addition to that, interest rates are really low. So if you're considering moving up it's the perfect time. Next year they are predicting that prices will be 5.4% higher. So with the higher prices, and possibly the higher interest rates there's no reason to wait.

So what is going on in the market? Well, let's talk about 2 areas. Let's talk about Gilbert first. Right now the average sales price $417,900. Which is a hundred seventy three dollars a square foot. there are six hundred and eleven homes on the market. A hundred and eighty four new homes came on the market last year and a hundred eighty three sold. So you can see everything is getting absorbed quickly and were still seeing a lot of multiple offers. Now in Mesa, the average sales price is three hundred fifty thousand, or a hundred sixty eight dollars a foot. Homes are also being absorbed here, with a hundred forty three new homes on the market and a hundred and forty one absorbed. So as you can see if you find that house you are interested, you have to move pretty quickly. So if you're considering moving? Right now is the perfect time.

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