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It is a joy to assist people moving into the next phase of their journey. The kids have moved out starting on their own, you may be downsizing, or leaving a colder climate. Whatever the case I can make the path enjoyable and rewarding. There are special considerations such as financing, and I have a video series with a lender to explain about your options. Plus a page for you to explore the 55+ communities in the east valley.

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Financing for Mature Adults

selling house in arizona

Thinking of Selling?

When homes are selling fast like they are right now you need to know that you are making the right choice in selecting the right offer! And that means you need an experience agent who can recognize potentially difficult transactions just by looking at the paper it’s written on! Hire someone who knows the ups and down of real estate transactions who can make yours a smooth as possible, call Diana at 480-226-1925 and start packing!

When you work with Diana, you have six options on how to sell your home, as every situation is not the same.  Whether you want a traditional listing, instant cash offer, Fix & List, Trade-in or Sell and Stay, Diana can help you. We are your one-stop solution. Lean more about the options and see what might be the best solution for you by clicking here .

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Options as a Home Buyer

Pick any Realtor and Lender, buy a house and spend 12 years paying down the interest and pay the full amount off on 30 years .

Or pick Diana as your agent and get more options!

Option 1

Option 2

Option 3

I am happy to show you these options available to you. Options many Realtors don’t even know about! You will spend the same amount of money buying a home through any other Realtor and lender. But you will save at least $50,000* GUARANTEED when hiring our services. (*based on a $100,000 loan)

Yes, hiring the right Realtor and Lender does really make a difference! $50,000+ difference!

Call/text 480-226-1925 today. Let’s grab a cup of coffee and discuss these real estate options and how they will work for you.

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