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2409, 2021

It’s Still a Sellers’ Market [INFOGRAPHIC]

By |September 24, 2021|

Some Highlights Due to low supply and high demand, today is one of the strongest sellers’ markets we’ve seen. Sellers can benefit from more offers to pick from, higher home values, and a faster sales process. That might be why 73% of people believe it’s a good time to sell. Sellers, don’t miss out on this unique opportunity. Let’s connect [...]

1709, 2021

Have You Ever Seen a Housing Market Like This? [INFOGRAPHIC]

By |September 17, 2021|

Some Highlights Whether you’re buying or selling – today’s housing market has plenty of good news to go around. Buyers can take advantage of today’s mortgage rates to escape rising rents and keep monthly payments affordable. Sellers can reap the benefits of multiple offers and a fast sale. If this sounds like good news to you, let’s connect today so [...]

909, 2021

The Top 3 Neighborhoods In Mesa, AZ

By |September 9, 2021|

Are you thinking about moving to Mesa, Arizona, and want to know the best places to live? In this episode of The Great Escape, I’m going to share three of the top neighborhoods in Mesa that you're going to want to check out. We’ll look at each area’s location and amenities so you can find the one that fits you [...]

809, 2021

Understand Your Options To Avoid Foreclosure

By |September 8, 2021|

Even though experts agree there’s no chance of a large-scale foreclosure crisis, there are a number of homeowners who may be coming face-to-face with foreclosure as a possibility. And while the overall percentage of homeowners at risk is decreasing with time (see graph below), that’s little comfort to those individuals who are facing challenges today.If you haven’t taken advantage of [...]

2708, 2021

Your Checklist To Get Ready To Sell [INFOGRAPHIC]

By |August 27, 2021|

Some Highlights When it comes to selling your house, you want it to look its best inside and out. It’s important to focus on tasks that can make it inviting, show it’s cared for, and boost your curb appeal for prospective buyers. Let’s connect to make sure your house shows well and catches a buyer’s eye.

2008, 2021

Options for First-Time Homebuyers [INFOGRAPHIC]

By |August 20, 2021|

Some Highlights With a housing market this competitive, sometimes you have to think outside the box. Work with your trusted real estate advisors to do things like assess your budget, expand your search radius, look into other options, and determine your true needs. If you’re having trouble finding your first home, let’s connect to explore your options. It’s out there!

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