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505, 2021

Are Interest Rates Expected to Rise Over the Next Year?

By |May 5, 2021|

So far this year, mortgage rates continue to hover around 3%, encouraging many hopeful homebuyers to enter the housing market. However, there’s a good chance rates will increase later this year and going into 2022, ultimately making it more expensive to borrow money for a home loan. Here’s a look at what several experts have to say. Danielle Hale, Chief [...]

405, 2021

4 Big Incentives for Homeowners to Sell Now

By |May 4, 2021|

The housing market keeps sailing along. The only headwind that could take it off course is the lack of inventory for sale. The National Association of Realtors (NAR) reports that there were 410,000 fewer single-family homes for sale this March than in March of 2020. The key to continued success in the residential housing market is for more listings to [...]

305, 2021

Americans Find the Nonfinancial Benefits of Homeownership Most Valuable

By |May 3, 2021|

Homeownership is a foundational part of the American Dream. As we look back on more than a year of sheltering in our homes, having a place of our own is more important than ever. While financial benefits are always a key aspect of homeownership, today, homeowners rank the nonfinancial and personal benefits with even higher value. Recently, two national surveys [...]

3004, 2021

Should I Buy Now or Wait? [INFOGRAPHIC]

By |April 30, 2021|

Some Highlights If you’re thinking that waiting a year or two to purchase a home might mean you’ll save some money, think again. Mortgage interest rates are currently very low, but experts across the board are forecasting increases in both home prices and interest rates. Buying a home now means you’ll spend less in the long run. Let’s connect to [...]

2904, 2021

Is Home Price Appreciation Accelerating Again?

By |April 29, 2021|

At the beginning of the year, industry forecasts called for home price appreciation to slow to about half of the double-digit increase we saw last year. The thinking was that inventory would increase from record-low levels and put an end to the bidding wars that have driven home prices up over the past twelve months. However, that increase in inventory [...]

2804, 2021

Patience Is the Key to Buying a Home This Year

By |April 28, 2021|

The question many homebuyers are facing this year is, “Why is it so hard to find a house?” We’re in the ultimate sellers’ market, which means real estate is ultra-competitive for buyers right now. The National Association of Realtors (NAR) notes homes are getting an average of 4.8 offers per sale, and that number keeps rising. Why? It’s because there [...]

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