Are you a first-time homebuyer? Are you a little uncertain about the process? that’s certainly understandable. It’s a big decision, it could be a life-changing decision.  That’s why we set up an appointment and sit down with you and review of the process before we send you properties. Many agents will just go ahead and start sending you properties before reviewing their process but we have a step by step program and the first step is for you to come and sit down with us and we can review exactly what you’re looking for then we can review that entire process  so you’d know what your options are along the way once you find the property that’s just right for you we’re going to go ahead and gather that data and analyze that data I have over 25 years appraisal experience so you can be assured that you’ll be getting properly analyzed data so that you can make it inform decisions now you’ll also feel very comfortable during the inspection period because you’re going to know exactly what your options are some people ask me but what if I get buyer’s remorse you probably won’t get buyer’s remorse because you’re going to feel
comfortable with the process you’re going to feel comfortable with the value and the condition of the property but again it’s a big decision so it can still happen so please note that I have a guarantee if you’re not a hundred percent satisfied with your home during that first 18 months I will sell your home for free now there are some conditions that apply so please give me a call and I’ll explain those conditions to you I would love to help you look for your perfect home so please give me a call at 480-226-1925 and we’ll go ahead and start that process for you.