The census 2020 is right around the corner and it means so much to Arizona.

Did you know that for each person counted on the census, we get federal dollars of $3,000 per person? That’s 20.5 billion dollars annually. 20.5 billion dollars

That goes to our infrastructure, our transit systems, medical care for those in need and housing. So, make sure you do your part when it’s time to fill out that questionnaire. People ask, do I have to fill out the questionnaire? The answer is yes.  Did you know that if you’re over 18 and you do not complete the questionnaire, there’s a fine of $100 and if you answer any of the questions falsely, there’s a fine of $500. Now also, if you’re looking for temporary work, the census provides great temporary work.

An interesting fact: Do you know that the census started here in the United States in 1790? They changed the official date to April 1st in 1930.

it’s almost here. So make sure you do your part that help Arizona.

Diana Benson, Your AZ Real Estate Connection.