Can I buy a house? Can I sell a house right now? A lot of people have a lot of questions right now and the answer is yes. Hi I’m Diana Benson with eXp Realty. A virtual broker. That means we were built for this. Which means we don’t have a learning curve. We’re already experts at this. So how does that process work? Let’s talk about buyers first. We start with an online consultation, through a zoom or a Skype call. During that consultation, we’re gonna find out exactly what your needs are, what your desires are, your time frames and what type of money you want to spend. We’ll set you up with a local lender that you can get pre qualified over the phone. Once we find out the exact numbers what we’re looking for and the area we’ll set up an online search for you. You’ll go ahead and look through that online search. When you have it narrowed down to a few homes, you can drive the neighborhood and make sure that’s the neighborhood that you want to live in. Once you have that narrowed down, and you find a home that you possibly might want to make and offer, we’ll go ahead and we’ll call that seller and we’ll set up a time. We’re gonna be very careful during that viewing. We’re gonna have a seller step outside we’re gonna have them open all the doors turn on all the lights that you don’t have to touch anything. If you decide you want to write up an offer we’ll write up the documents online we’ll send them through email to have you sign them online and we’ll set up the appointment with the title company, where you can go visit where you’re the only person in there. Only one person at a time. Or we can set up the mobile notary to sign at your home Again making sure that it’s convenient and that it is safe for you Now what about if you’re a seller? How does that work? It’s very similar, we start with either a Skype or a zoom consultation. We find out what your time frames are, we answer all of your questions. If you decide to go ahead and list your home at that time we can make sure that people aren’t coming in to your home and looking at your home all the time. Well again, we’ll make sure that you’re safe we won’t even put a lockbox on the home. Then when a buyer is truly interested they looked at all the pictures, they looked at the videos that either you or we created and are wanting to view your home, we’ll make sure that you step outside that you have a turn all the lights on opened all the doors and they’ll call you when it’s completed. So you know it’s safe to go back in the house. Again all the documents will be sent to you either through a mobile notary or you can visit the title company one person at a time. Everything should go very smoothly and more importantly safely. People wonder should we wait until this whole virus is over? Well, this really depends on your individual situation. One thing I can say is you know what the interest rates are right now. Right now there’s still a built up demand for housing we’re receiving multiple offers on homes. So it’s still a seller’s market. In a few months we might not know what that situation is. But we know that things are very affordable right now. With the low interest rates and with a very still very healthy market. So if you have any questions or you would like a consultation please feel free to give me a call or text me at 480-226-1925 or book a consultation through CALENDLY. I’m passionate about helping people start their new chapter in their new home. I want to be YOUR AZ REAL ESTATE CONNECTION. EQUAL HOUSING OPPORTUNITY