Can I still go look at houses? Should I sell my house right now? That is the question that I get quite a bit right now.

So, can I still go look at houses?  Absolutely! We still have a highly active real estate market here in Arizona. I can still show you some house for sale and send as many virtual home tours to you. If their videos do not exist, I can go in the home and do my own virtual house tour and send it to you. When you have watched the house tour videos, then you can narrow down to which homes that you would like to see in person.

Once we get on the field, we just need to do a few things a little bit differently with the private home viewing.  For instance, we’ll take separate cars, you can wait out in your car while I unlock and open doors, turn all the light switches, on making sure all the doors are open in the house, and maybe even a cabinet or two so that you can see everything without having to touch anything. You can use your antiseptic before you go in and again when you leave when we are done. We will wipe things down lock everything up and go to our respective cars. Then we can talk in our cars and have that conversation and figure out how we’re going to proceed from there, to find out  if it is something that you’re really interested in or should we just scratch it off the list and just keep looking.

Can you still or should you sell your house right now? Yes! It is still a really good time to sell your house. It is still a seller’s market and you can get those multiple offers. Again, we will just do things a little bit differently. We will make sure that we put a time period of the hours people are able to come in and look at your home. I know it may seem a little bit inconvenient. We will just have to take a couple extra things into consideration because a lot of people have their kids at home and are working from home right now. And of course, all the agents are really practicing good practices using the antiseptic before they move in and being careful not to touch anything. we want to keep everybody safe so yes it is still a good time to sell your home. We can set up an appointment when someone wants to look at your home. If you have people in the household, you can you leave or wait outside your home. We will ask you to open all the doors, turn all the light switches on, leave a cabinet or two open so that nobody has to touch your stuff.

A lot of people are also asking me “is this going to cause a housing market downturn?” I do not think so. All the experts think that it will not. Why is it so different than it was back in 2008? What caused the 2008 housing downturn was the bad lending practices. We have good lending practices in place now. We still a high demand for housing. There is going to be a slowdown, there is not as much activity going on right now. So, it might take a little bit longer to sell. There will be fewer buyers and sellers in the market, but things are still moving. The demand is still there. We are still getting those multiple offers. So, we do not really see that happening currently. Of course, it is a fluid situation and it is changing every day. So, we do not know what is going to happen a few weeks down the road. But right now, the experts are saying no, it is not going to cause that. So, no worries there. I know it’s kind of scary times right now and hopefully this will be just a very short memory. Hopefully, you are using this time with your family and your downtime to make other really good memories.

I am passionate about helping people start their new chapter in their new homes. If you have any other questions or concerns, please feel free to give me a call my phone number is 480-226-1925. If you would like to book a consultation, go ahead, and click the CALENDLY link here, to set up a consultation

Diana Benson