Are you searching for the perfect place to settle down in Arizona? Look no further than the Islands in Gilbert, Arizona! Nestled within a vibrant town, this community offers the ultimate lake lifestyle, perfect for those seeking comfort, relaxation, and adventure. From stunning lake views to outstanding amenities, let’s dive into why the Islands may be the perfect community for you.

Picture yourself waking up to a peaceful 74 acres of serene lakes daily, watching the sunrise while enjoying your morning coffee. The essence of life in the Islands is water, meaning you’ll have plenty of opportunities to experience it. Whether you’re fishing on the North Lake or kayaking in the South Lake, you’ll appreciate the tranquility of living on the water.

At the core of this community is an active and engaging lifestyle. You will find friendly neighbors challenging each other to basketball games, sand volleyball matches, or even trying to perfect their bocce skills. You can also enjoy a relaxing walk or bike ride amidst the beautiful surroundings, with a playground for children. With its focus on long-term relationships and a sense of community, this neighborhood will surely bring you a sense of belonging.

The Islands has something for everyone, and it has various options that cater to all tastes and budgets. With current listings ranging from charming 1359 square foot homes to luxurious 4000 square foot homes, you’re sure to find the perfect fit for your dream home. Homes’ prices start at $424,900 up to $1,325,000, with recent sales figures ranging from $360,000 for a townhouse to $1,360,000 for a 3973 square foot home. Whether you prefer a cozy home or require a more expansive residence, you’ll find it all in the Islands.

Moreover, the location of the Islands is perfect for those who want all the benefits of living in a small town while still having access to bigger cities. Located just one mile west of Downtown Gilbert, it’s only a few miles to Downtown Chandler, so you won’t need to worry about long travel times. You can take advantage of the amazing local cuisine, attend festivals, and enjoy various cultural events just a stone’s throw away from the convenience of your home.

Living in the Islands at Gilbert, Arizona means you can wake up to breathtaking lake views every day, enjoy an active lifestyle, relish in a sense of community, and take advantage of Gilbert and Chandler. Whether you’re looking to buy a cozy townhouse or a luxurious house, you’ll find it all in this charming community. The Islands at Gilbert is perfect for anyone who wants to live life to the fullest and in the utmost comfort, so why not come and join us? Come and join us in falling in love with the Islands.