Pros And Cons of Living in 55+ Community in Arizona

Are you wondering what it’s like to live in a 55+ community in Mesa or Gilbert, Arizona? In this video, we’re going to talk about the pros and cons of living in an active adult community. My series, The Great Escape, is the only channel that focuses on everything 55+ living in Arizona for those that are ready to start the next chapter of their lives.

Pros Of Living In A 55+ Community In Arizona

Let’s start with the pros of living in an active adult community. The first one is that other 55+ people are living in the neighborhood, which means they may have similar interests as you. They’re also generally going to have the time and money to pursue those interests, so there’s plenty to do and plenty of people to do with it.

Taxes And Traffic

Another pro to living in a 55+ community here in Arizona is the taxes. Taxes are a little bit lower, typically because most of the 55+ communities are located in unincorporated areas of the county. Additionally, despite our heavy traffic here, most of the communities have all the amenities and facilities right in the area. This means you typically won’t have to deal with traffic outside of your neighborhood.

Activities And Facilities

The next pro is the abundance of activities to enjoy inside the community. Whether you prefer to be indoors or out, you can take advantage of a variety of fun things to do. For those who like gold, there are plenty of options to play a game for a reasonable price.

Our 55+ communities also have great residential facilities. This provides you with a convenient lifestyle that’s also very innovative. For instance, did you know that Arizona was one of the first states to embrace Uber and Lyft? Because of this innovation, companies like Apple, Google, and Lucent have moved here recently or have expanded their presence.

Natural Wonders And Plenty Of Jobs

Another pro of living in Mesa and Gilbert’s active adult communities is our proximity to the Grand Canyon. People travel all over the world to visit this natural wonder. If you live here, it will be right at your fingertips.

For those that are still employed, a big pro is the availability of jobs here in Arizona. Having a variety of job opportunities keeps our economy strong while allowing you to pursue your career. Here in Arizona, you’ll find plenty of employers to suit the type of work you prefer.

Sports And Entertainment

Sports fans will find living in Arizona ideal. We have football—with The Cardinals as our team—as well as our baseball team, The Diamondbacks. And don’t forget about spring training; if you’re a sports lover, there’s plenty for you to be entertained by.

Other entertainment options include the theater, symphony, and ballet. Mesa and Gilbert have open-air venues as well, giving you plenty of variety to enjoy. If you’re into classic rock or classical, you can find a great way to spend a Saturday night here in Arizona.

The Cons Of Living In A 55+ Community In Arizona

Now that we discussed the pros of living in an active adult community here, we have to also consider the cons. The number one is, of course, the heat. Some may not enjoy Arizona temperatures. However, we do have nine months of beautiful weather outside of the summer.

HOA Fees

Another con is HOA fees, which can be typical in a 55+ community. Some HOA fees may be fairly high, so you really have to do your research to find an area that’s right for your budget. For instance, in Scottsdale’s 55+ community—The Scottsdale Shadows—a three-bedroom house will cost you about $850 a month extra in HOA fees. This does, however, include your air conditioning, water, sewer, and all the golf that you can play.

On the opposite end of the spectrum, you can live in Sunland Villas in Mesa. HOA fees here are only $44 a month and include all your activities—of which there are plenty. Another example is Val Vista Village. These have a smaller investment up front because they’re manufactured homes built on leased land. While they don’t have any HOA fees, the land lease usually is right around $750 a month. It includes all activities and is just like living in a resort. Again, you’ll want to do your research to see what is the best fit for you.

Rattlesnakes And Traffic

The next con is rattlesnakes. If you’re out hiking in our mountains and desert, make sure to watch where you walk. Rattlesnakes typically come out most in the summer, so be prepared and know how to avoid them. 

While traffic is a pro, it can also be a con. Although you won’t usually have to deal with it—as the communities usually include the facilities and amenities you’ll need right there in the neighborhood—venturing out does mean heavy traffic. 

The Seasons

The last con is that Arizona doesn’t have well-defined seasons. Being from Minnesota, I missed this quite a bit at first; there was no snow, wearing of sweaters, or changing colors on the leaves. However, I have nine months of great weather, so I got over it pretty quickly.

Location And Convenience In Gilbert And Mesa

Now that you know the pros and cons of living in the 55+ communities, let’s talk about location and convenience. Most of the communities are located on the edge of the city. This means that you’re going to have a little bit longer commute if you’re going to be working downtown. Still, most of the communities are located close to the freeway, so commute times are generally fairly easy. 

For example, getting to the airport will take you anywhere from 20 to 60 minutes. If you’re on the outer edge of that 60 minutes, you can also use the Phoenix-Mesa Gateway Airport. While this is a smaller airport, they’re adding flights every day. You don’t have to deal with all the parking and traffic, so it’s a great alternative.

Choosing Where To Settle

Commute and convenience also depend on what you’re looking for and where you choose to settle. If you want to be right in the middle of things, you may want to choose one of our older communities. For instance, Leisure World was originally built right on the edge of Mesa. Since everything is now developed around it, it’s right in the middle of everything. It’s also been completely remodeled to give it a modern look.

If you’re interested in the outdoors and want to enjoy our beautiful mountains and rivers, Apache Junction or Gold Canyon would be right for you. Maybe you want to be in an area away from it all but also want to be self-contained, with all your amenities in reach. If so, Sun Lakes, Sunbird, or Providence at Maricopa might be a good alternative. What’s great about the Southeast Valley is that it has every environment, from mountains and rivers to desert. You can easily find a spot that’s right for you.

The type of lifestyle you want to live will also influence where you should settle. It’s important to consider things like shopping, restaurants, housing types, and other conveniences when choosing a community. There are many different options, from adult manufactured home communities to the prestigious gated Mountainbrook Village. Maybe you want something a little more comfortable, like a gated community with elegant restaurants, beautiful mountain views, and golf course views. If so, Encanterra at Trilogy might be right for you. Be assured that, whichever community you choose, all the conveniences are close by to provide a convenient lifestyle for you.

55+ Living In Arizona’s Southeast Valley

I hope this gave you some insight into living in 55+ communities in the Southeast Valley. The Southeast Valley includes Mesa, Gilbert, Apache Junction, Gold Canyon Branch, San Tan Valley, Queen Creek,  Chandler, Tempe, and Sun Lakes. If you have any questions about living in any of these Southeast Valley areas, please feel free to reach out to me and I’d be happy to connect with you.

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