Are you living in or thinking about moving to Gilbert, Arizona, and want to check out a great community? In this episode of The Great Escape, I’m going to show you the most popular neighborhood east of Downtown Gilbert: Agritopia. We’ll take a tour of this area’s houses, shops, parks, and more so you can see if this is the place for you.

Welcome To Agritopia

Agritopia is a community that embraces the new realism, offering a little bit of country right in town. If you’re moving to Arizona from California or the Midwest, you’re going to love the lush landscaping and the community feel. Agritopia is located approximately three and a half miles southeast of Downtown Gilbert on what was once the Johnston Family farm.

Construction began in 2001 and was built in four different phases. Agritopia is a 166-acre pedestrian and transit-oriented planned community. The 452 lots feature retro-style homes on narrow streets about 27 feet wide. It’s all built around 11 acres of urban farmland.

Home Styles

There are two styles of homes in Agritopia. First, 288 of them are classic models with lots that are approximately 7,000 to 10,000 square feet. With entrances to the garages from the front, you’ll see them in four different styles and colors. It does not feel like a track subdivision, and most have big front porches encouraging interaction with the neighbors.

The second style of home is the cottages. Now there are 164 cottage-style homes on lots that are approximately 2,500 square feet. Additionally, these homes feature 17-foot alleys that are on the rear part of the cottage homes, which gives you access to the garage.

Lot Sizes And Additions

Homes mostly range from about 1,300 to 3,200 square feet, not including the basements. Some models range from 1,300 square feet to 7,000 square feet, including the habitable area. Lot extensions can also be purchased.

At the time of the original purchase, they typically were one or two 15-foot extensions for second-unit bungalows that could be built on these rear portions of the lots. The bungalows were approximately 800 square foot units to be used for a guest house, a pool house, an office, or a business.

They had three different floor plans: a two-bedroom house, a business office, and a pool house. The HOA allows for the rental of the extra unit but does not allow renting the main structure. The homes were designed to be able to change over time to fit the owner’s needs so that an adjoining casita or apartment could be added.

Floor Plans

The floor plans also encourage home-based businesses to reduce the traffic and the need for childcare. In fact, it has the highest rate of home-based business in the Phoenix metropolitan area. There are 11 floor plans, each offering four different elevations that were crafted by BSB Designs.

These floor plans include the Craftsman—a California bungalow popular from 1905 to the 1930s—and the Spanish eclectic, which was popular from 1910 to 1940. You also have the Northern European revival that includes the Tudor and French revivals; these were popular from 1915 to 1945. Finally, there’s the Arizona territorial, Agritopia’s name for a great style that was observed throughout the neighborhood. This includes the territorial look and the farmhouse look in early ranch-style homes.


Gilbert, Arizona’s Agritopia has a variety of amenities. These include the Coffee Shop, a private school, community center, pool, tennis courts, putting greens, and adult senior living where there are 118 units and tons of amenities.

The Johnston family’s original buildings were also preserved. In fact, the original farmhouse is now Joe’s Farm Grill. The tractor shed became the Coffee House, while the garage and carport are now the Vespa repair shop and the farm stand, offering fresh produce from the community garden.

It’s all located in a lushly landscaped area where you can really enjoy outdoor eating and the beautiful views.

Cosmo Dog Park

Another great feature of Agritopia is Cosmo Dog Park, a 17-acre park that borders the western boundary of the neighborhood right on the other side of a white picket fence. It has plenty of parking and also includes human areas where you can play basketball or attend an event at the amphitheater. The park has four reservable ramadas with barbecue grills, restrooms, and equestrian trails.

For dogs, Cosmo Dog Park has four fenced areas. Depending on the size and personality of your dog, they can enjoy the active area or the timid area. Of course, all the pets love playing in the lake, created from reclaimed water.

Cosmo Park was named after Cosmo, the first police dog in the area. It was constructed in 2006 and sees more than 600,000 people visit the park each year.

Easy Access And Housing Prices

Access to the 202 Freeway is approximately a quarter mile southwest of Agritopia. The Phoenix-Mesa Gateway Airport is approximately two and a half miles southeast. Additionally, the SanTan mall is located one and a half miles southwest.

This is an open-air mall with all your favorites, including the large anchors like Macy’s, Dillard’s, Apple, BestBuy, Victoria’s Secret, and more. You’ll also find many restaurants like the Thirsty Lion, Red Robin, The Keg, Blue Wasabi, and Kona Grill.

Lastly, let’s talk about the cost of housing. At this time, there are currently nine properties available for sale. These range from a cottage-style home that is 1,991 square feet built in 2000 for $559,000 to a 4,963 square foot classic-style home listed for $1,699,000—which includes a basement and a pool.

Make Agritopia Your Home

I hope this gives you a good feel of Agritopia in Gilbert, Arizona, and what it’s like to live here. People call me every day that are interested in moving to or around Arizona. If you’re considering moving or you just have questions, please feel free to call or text at 480-534-3789 and I’ll be happy to connect.

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